Science : Ch 09 – Heredity and Evolution

This test is designed based on NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Topics : Heredity and Evolution

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Assertion (A) : Inheritance from the previous generation provides subtle changes in body design for the next generation. Reason (R) : Greater diversity will be generated if asexual reproduction is involved.

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Assertion (A) : New combination of traits are observed in F2 offspring when tall plants with round seeds are crossed with short plants with wrinkled seeds. Reason (R) : Tallness and round seed are both dominant traits.

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The gene type of green stemmed tomato plants is denoted as GG and that of purple stemmed tomato plants as gg. What colour of stem would you expect in F1 progeny when these two are crossed?

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Why did Mendel carry out an experiment to study inheritance of two traits in garden-pea

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Laws of inheritance were proposed by

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The major function of cellular DNA is

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Bacteria have a simpler body plan when compared with human beings. Does it mean that human beings are more evolved than bacteria?

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A cross between a tall plant (TT) and short plant (tt) resulted in progeny that were all tall plants as:

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Which of the following statement is inappropriate?

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The maleness of a child is determined by:

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A basket of vegetables contains carrot, potato, radish and tomato. Which of them represent the exact homologous structures?

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Name the organ analogous to the wings of birds.

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Select the group which shares the maximum number of common characters

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As claimed by the evolutionary theory, formation of a new species is generally due to

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A zygote which has an X chromosome inherited from the father will develop into a:

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