CBSE Class X – Science Biology Exam ( Full Syllabus)

This test is designed based on NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Topics of Science – Biology

  • Each time random 25 questions will be displaced from the question bank of 500 + Questions
  • So we recommend you to retake the quiz till you have mastered all the questions

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The gene type of green stemmed tomato plants is denoted as GG and that of purple stemmed tomato plants as gg. What colour of stem would you expect in F1 progeny when these two are crossed?

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What were his fndings with respect to inheritance of traits in F1 and F2 generation by Mendle?

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Laws of inheritance were proposed by

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Who is the Father of Genetics ?

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A cross between a tall plant (TT) and short plant (tt) resulted in progeny that were all tall plants as:

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A trait in an organism is infuenced by:

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The two versions of a trait (character) which are brought in by the male and female gametes are located on:

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Name the organ analogous to the wings of birds.

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During adolescence, several changes occur in the human body. mark one change from the following associated with sexual maturation in boys:

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The number of chromosomes in parents and ofsprings of a particular species remains unchanged due to

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Assertion (A): Variation is useful for the survival of species over time. Reason (R) : Populations of organisms fill well-defined places in the ecosystem, using their ability to reproduce

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What is the mode of asexual reproduction in Rhizopus

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Which of the following is a bacterial STD?

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Which of the following is a Bacterial STD?

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In flowers,what is the female reproductive part called as?

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Blocking of fallopian tubes prevents ?

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Which one of the following declaration is accurate about the human circulatory system?

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Which of the following declaration (s) is (are) true about respiration? (i)During inhalation, ribs move inward and diaphragm is raised. (ii) In the alveoli, exchange of gases takes place i.e. oxygen form alveolar air diffuses into blood and carbon dioxide from blood into alveolar air. (iii) Haemoglobin has greater afinity for carbon dioxide than oxygen. (iv) Alveoli increases surface area for exchange of gases.

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The xylem in plants are responsible for

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Which of the following is an inappropriate statement?

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The opening and closing of the stomatal pore depends upon:

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If human urine is allowed to stand for sometime, it smells of ammonia, why?

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The two substances which are selectively reabsorbed from Nephriitic filtrate into the blood.

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The hormone whose level in the blood is responsible for the above diabetes

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How many chambers are there in the heart of an Human being?

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