Science : Ch 13 – Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

This test is designed based on NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Topics : Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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A current-carrying conductor is clench in totally vertical direction. In order to produce a clockwise magnetic feld around the conductor, the current should passed in the conductor:

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The magnetic field lines:

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The nature of magnetic field line passing through the centre of current carrying circular loop is:

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Direction of rotation of a coil in electric motor is intent by:

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A magnet is moved towards a coil (i) quickly (ii) slowly. The induced potential difference:

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A D.C generator works on the theory of:

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Overloading is caused to:

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The name of the effect being produced by the moving magnet

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when an iron core is inserted into a current carrying solenoid

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Example of permanent magnet is

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The change in magnetic feld lines in a coil is the cause of induced electric current in it. Name the underlying phenomenon.

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The phenomenon discovered by Faraday.

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The deflection of the galvanometer becomes zero the moment the motion of

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A device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy is

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You are holding the current-carrying wire in your right hand so that your thumb points in the direction of current, then the direction in which your fingers encircle the wire will give the direction of the magnetic feld lines around the wire.explain

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