CBSE Class X – Science Physics Exam (Full Syllabus)

This test is designed based on NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Topics of Science – Physics

  • Each time random 25 questions will be displaced from the question bank of 500 + Questions
  • So we recommend you to retake the quiz till you have mastered all the questions

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The magnetic field lines:

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Which of the following declaration is not correct about the magnetic field?

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When current is parallel to magnetic field, then force experience by the current carrying conductor placed in uniform magnetic field is

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The instrument that use to direct electric current in the circuit is known as:

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A D.C generator works on the theory of:

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when an iron core is inserted into a current carrying solenoid

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The magnetic feld inside a long straight solenoid carrying current is

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The phenomenon discovered by Faraday.

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The values of mA and µA are:

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Two resistors are connected in series gives an equivalent resistance of 10 Ω. When connected in parallel, gives 2.4 Ω. Then the individual resistance are

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A current of 1 A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb. Number of electrons passing through a cross-section of the filament in 16 seconds would be roughly

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A student drives out an experiment and plots the V-I graph of three samples of nichrome wire with resistances R1 R2 and R3 respectively. Which of the following is huge?

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Insulators consists of:

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What is the maximum resistance which can be made using five resistors each of 1/5 W?

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The equivalent resistance of a series combination of two resistances is X Ohm. If the resistance are of 10 Ohm and 40 Ohm respectively, the value of X will be:

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The maximum resistance which can be made using four resistors each of 2 Ohm

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The instrument used for measuring electric current is

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Which of the following phenomena contributes signifcantly to the reddish appearance of the sun at sunrise or sunset?

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In an experiment to trace the path of a ray of light through a triangular glass prism, a student would observe that the emergent ray

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Milk is a colloid that contains globules of fat and protein. When a beam of light is directed at a glass of milk the light is scattered. That is a great example

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When sunlight passes through a canopy of a dense forest, tiny water droplets in the water scatter light.This is an example of

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The density of the atmosphere, as we know goes on decreasing as the distance above the sea level increases,this phenomeneon is called

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The defect in a person can see nearby objects but not far away objects

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Rainbow is caused due to

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Visible spectrum is the band of coloured components of a

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