Science : Ch 08 – How do Organisms Reproduce

This test is designed based on NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Topics : How do Organisms Reproduce

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Characters that are transmitted from parents to ofspring during reproduction

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The number of chromosomes in parents and offsprings of a particular species remains constant due to: Halving of chromosomes during gamete formation

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Choose the precise statement(s) on budding in yeast from the following:

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The characteristics transmitted from parents to ofspring are present in

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The length of pollen tube depends upon the distance between:

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During adolescence, several changes occur in the human body. mark one change from the following associated with sexual maturation in boys:

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Reproduction is essential for living organisms to order to:

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Assertion (A): Vegetative propagation makes possible propagation of plants that have lost the capacity to produce seeds. Reason (R) : New plants are developed from seeds in vegetative propagation.

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What is the mode of asexual reproduction in Amoeba?

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Name the harmone secretes a sperms in human males.

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What do you understand by Puberty?

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The site of fertilization of the ovum takes place is

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The development foetus takes place in mother’s body from

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Tubectomy does not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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The number of chromosomes shared from both male & female are

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